Message from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Khon Kaen University

The past decade has seen a rapid development of information technology causing diversification of knowledge, information and technological advancement in various fields. Utilization of information and digital technology in medical education are both important and inevitable, which if done appropriately could result in tremendous potential for further developing medical education to serve the needs of students and ultimately produce quality doctors to strengthen the healthcare system of the country. Combining technology in teaching medicine is nothing less than an art. Teachers should not deny or be reluctant to utilize this new technology to better convey their expertise to their students.

The Faculty of Medicine and Khon Kaen University acknowledge the opportunity of developing teaching staff to be abreast of the rapidly developing digital technology, thus this international conference on medical education was initiated. It is a great privilege that we are honored by Prof. Edward Hundert, Dean for Medical Education, and Prof. David Roberts, Dean for External Education, Harvard Medical School who are our keynote speakers. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to our Thai speakers, from the Faculty of Medicine and institutions across Thailand, who are experts in the field of medical education and digital technology. This event will surely enhance cooperation and strengthen the relationship between medical schools in Thailand to further develop medical education in our country in this digital age.



The International Conference on Medical Education: New Paradigms in Medical Education focuses on the utilization and integration of digital technology for enhancing the process of medical education. The keynote speakers are from Harvard Medical School which is one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. Professor Edward Hundert and Professor David Roberts will share their experiences in pioneering medical education in this new digital era.

Khon Kaen University’s Vice President for Academic and Communications Affairs will give valuable insight and information about the direction and policies of Khon Kaen University in utilizing digital and cloud technology for education. The Google partners’ team will introduce exciting new tools which can be used to enhance teaching. In this age of advancement, it is more important than ever to ensure that the doctor-patient relationship remains strong and constructive. There has been an explosion of websites in which evidence-based medicine is declared the pinnacle of medical practice using and teaching this crucial skill will be covered by three of the Faculty of Medicine’s top experts in the field of research and medical education. Advancement of simulation as a means of teaching will also be covered.